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New Job with CerebralFix – And This Time, I’m a Part of the Gaming Industry.

Three words: I did it.

After years of wondering how, I somehow unwittingly used my social media mojo to crack the code and join the gaming industry as the Social Media & Community Manager for CerebralFix, a game development studio based in Christchurch, New Zealand.

CerebralFix Game Development

My new employer. Isn't it fitting that their logo involves a screwdriver to the brainbox?

Does this mean I’ve moved again? Heck no! Austin rocks, and CerebralFix is an amazing company full of amazing Kiwis that, amazingly enough, are allowing me to work remotely while running amok on their Twitter and Facebook feeds and their blog. Our blog.

Dude, I’m a part of something that’s completely freakin’ awesome!

So, I’m in new-employee/oh-my-God-you-mean-I-get-to-make-decisions shock right now. It’s an amazing situation. I think I may have mentioned this amazingness before.

What’s so great about this job? How about the part where I get to tweet and post about video games? How about that? Yeah! The only unattainable dream I have now is the one with a huge moon bounce, one of those playpens full of plastic balls and a never-ending pizza and beer party. Oh, someday…

Anyways, let me just get this out there: Mom, I love you, but you were wrong. I can get paid to love video games and to screw around on the internet.

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  1. September 16, 2011 at 12:00 am

    I remember you mentioning something about owing me liquor if you got a job from Austin Indies. We should really get around to meeting in person sometime. 😉

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